"Thank you so much! This experience of 1st Degree Reiki has changed my life. I sleep better, am able to reduce the tension and discomfort in my belly, and I have used it on my partners really sore feet and he says it is making the world of difference." Dianne

After my Reiki session with Sherryll I feel like I am walking on cloud nine, kept going for 2-3 days. I still had stresses and daily challenges, but I just cruised through it all, it was though I was shedding off my baggage, calm and serene. People were asking me was something wrong, because I was so much calmer in dealing with things". Juliana

L.I.F.E. System

After my distance L.I.F.E. session, "I had an amazing sleep last night and night before... quite rare! And my energy is obviously good!" Kerry

"Wow, I feel lighter, more at ease, and able to cope with life so much easier I can hardly believe the difference it has made." Cathy

"These sessions leave me feeling more relaxed and at peace, and I am not feeling so stressed, which means I am coping better with daily pressures." Meredith

" Following a bout of bronchitis Sherryll offered a L.I.F.E system session for me. The results were phenomenal. The system, along with Sherryll's skillful guidance as to where to place my attention during the process, lead to fantastic and immediate results. I had been have great difficulty breathing over the past two weeks and half way through the session this eased considerably. Also an accompanying dizziness was addressed, and after a good nights sleep I awoke the next morning feeling significantly better. " Michael Henderson


They Don’t come any better! Thanks Heaps, Tony

Absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend a visit :) Deanna

Wonderful! That was exactly what I needed, I feel like a new person. Thanks, Susan

Highly Recommend Sherryll... she is the best I have ever been to. Very professional, she makes all aches and pains go away and you feel like a new person. Jan Smith

"I can recommend either as a treatment for an ailment, or simply a treat for yourself. Sherryll is professional, kind and always a pleasure to visit! Louise"

"Total bliss! I'd highly recommend Sherryll... Her hands seem to know where the sore spots are.

I've always felt very comfortable and trust Sherryll with managing my soreness that stems from Fibromyalgia, she's very intuitive! Wendy"

"I’ve been using the PTSD Intervention system for over a month since Sherryll introduced me to it. It has consistently defused feelings of angst, apprehension, anxiety or concern that I’ve had at the time. I think it is likely to reduce the ongoing negative influence of past trauma on daily life – particularly for anyone who has not accessed other forms of remedial therapy already – and am happy to recommend Sherryll’s healing skill and ability to teach the technique." Dennis Frank

Other testimonials available on The Healing Room Facebook page: www.facebook.com/radiantwellnesshealingroom.