The Gentle Art of Healing Hands

Relax, de-stress and heal in a safe environment!

What is Reiki?

Did you ever look at your own hands and wonder … what is this ability that some people seem to have to give healing through their hands?

We know that in all cultures and religions throughout the ages there have been members of the community with this ability. There seem to have been differing attitudes towards “those that can” - varying from suspicion to reverence.

Sometimes those healing hands have been used for people, sometimes for animals, and other times for plants, earth healing and …. is there a limit? In the end, it all depends on what you believe.

In the Now of human history, Reiki brings you the opportunity to experience not only the receiving of healing from someone else with this ability, but to experience the activating of that ability in your own hands. You can do this. There is no pre-requisite - no prior belief that it works, no past experience. All you need is your willingness and the decision to have this for yourself. Bringing Reiki into your life can:

  • Create a beautiful state of serenity

  • Enhance your general sense of wellbeing

  • Reduce Stress

  • Assist in the Relief of Pain

  • Improve your health - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually

    • Complement and increase the benefits of conventional and alternative remedies

    • Bring a sense of Self-Mastery

    • Empower you to assist other people, animals, plants etc with all the above

Attend a Seminar and Discover the healing power that lies right there in your own hands -Your Life Will Change!

One Hour - NZ$70

One hour fully clothed on the massage table, where I deliver the reiki energy to your system by placing my hands in a series of stress and energy centres (chakras). Alternatively, this can be an Absent/Distance session by arrangement.

1 ½ Hours - NZ$100

One and a half hours where I start by activating the Reiki energy in your own system/hands, then you get onto the massage table and I deliver the reiki healing energy to your system as above.

Introduction to Reiki

In the early 1900's a Japanese man, Dr Mikao Usui, reconnected with a unique healing energy that he called Reiki. This Japanese word (pronounced Ray Kee) translates loosely into English as Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is passed on from Reiki Master to student via a series of four "Attunements" (each attunement being a 10-15 minute session where you sit quietly in a chair while I do some specific energy work around your body and in your energy field) , after which you will have Reiki in your system for the rest of your Life!

Once Reiki has been activated in your system you can direct it at will to treat not only yourself and others but also animals and plants. Some people use Reiki when working with crystals. In the advanced levels Reiki can be used to direct healing and harmony across time and space.

Anyone can do this, young or old. Even those who are very sick can use this system, as they are not using up their own personal energy. In fact every time you give Reiki you benefit from its passage through you.

Reiki at times can be experienced as a gentle flow of energy, at other times as a raging torrent - sometimes subtle, sometimes extremely dynamic. What is consistent is that the Reiki is always there, instantly available for whatever task is at hand, whether it be needed on the physical, emotional mental or spiritual level.

Receiving a Reiki Treatment: on the casual level, this could be between 10 and 30 minutes, maybe sitting in a chair or lying down, no special conditions required other than the receiver can be relaxed, any time, any place.

As a Structured Treatment, this is usually a relaxing, clothes on, one hour session during which time the Reiki practitioner places their hands for approx. 5 minutes in a series of positions around the body, including any trouble spots the person might have. It is generally recommended that a person experiencing Reiki for the first time plan on receiving three sessions to get the maximum benefits from it.

Receiving a Reiki Treatment is usually experienced as a deep, calm timeless space from which a person or animal emerges refreshed and relaxed

Reiki for Animals: While a good number of the people who choose to bring Reiki into their lives are intending to use the Reiki healing for themselves and for other people, there are a great number of people now using this form of healing for animals. In fact there are hundreds of people out there who work exclusively with animals, bringing the Reiki in beside other forms of alternative veterinary practices and treatments or in some cases just using the Reiki, as well as thousands of people who use Reiki on their animals as part of their daily care.

Traditional Reiki Seminars

Reclaim the Healing Energy in Your Own Hands - Enquire Now!

(Sherryll runs regular Reiki Seminars in Titirangi, Auckland, and other places as requested)

First Degree Reiki SeminarThis is a two day seminar in which you receive the four "attunements" that align the energy centres of your body to Reiki for the rest of your life. You will be given information about the origins and history of Reiki, how it works and how to use it for yourself and others. You will have the opportunity to experience receiving and practise the giving of Reiki. There is no prerequisite knowledge or training required to attend this seminar.

Second Degree Reiki Seminar

2nd Degree Reiki further accelerates your personal growth on all levels. At this advanced level of Reiki you will learn to use symbols (specific Reiki energy patterns) to strengthen your existing Reiki and further empower and intensify the Reiki treatments you are already doing. This level is particularly important to professional practitioners as these tools will also allow you to treat from a distance, treat many people at once, and potentise other therapies and remedies.

3A Reiki Seminar

This is a an intense 3 day seminar that has been devised predominantly for personal growth. Attendance of this seminar is preceded by an interview to ascertain your readiness for this step. You will gain an even more comprehensive knowledge about Reiki, and are entrusted with the first of the four attunements received at 1st Degree Reiki. This can be used to introduce people to Reiki, give "booster" attunements to Reiki practitioners, and further enhance treatments.

Reiki Master /Teacher Training

This is a journey of indescribable personal growth and empowerment and is arranged individually. On the average, this is a year’s

time investment where the whole art of passing on the Reiki system is learned.

Reiki Seminar Schedules:

Please note that there are no prerequisites to attending the First Degree Reiki course.

For First and Second Degree Reiki seminars, just come along in comfortable clothes, notes and morning/afternoon tea supplied, bring your lunch or cafes are close at hand for seminars run in Titirangi.

1st Degree Reiki Seminars

Next Seminar: just waiting for you to decide!

9.30am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday,

Venue: The Radiant Wellness Healing Room, 90B Lincoln Park Ave, Auckland.

Please contact me to get further details. The Fee for the First Degree Reiki seminar is $175, $150.00 when paid 1 week prior to course. If you wish to pay online, please request a coupon code for the shopping chart if you are paying more than a week in advance.

Let me know of a weekend that works for you! Seminars will be posted here as they are booked.

2nd Degree Reiki Seminar:

Next Seminar: just waiting to hear what dates will work for you!

The cost is $375, or $350 if paid 1 week before the seminar. If you wish to pay online, please request a coupon code for the shopping chart if you are paying more than a week in advance.

3A Reiki Seminar:

Next Seminar: on request.

This is a 3 day seminar - usually run 9.30am - 5pm Friday to Sunday, and usually run once a year in November/December at The Radiant Wellness Healing Room at 741 Sth Titirangi Rd, Titirangi. The cost is $775 or $750 paid 2 weeks before the seminar. If you wish to pay online, please request a coupon code for the shopping chart if you are paying more than a week in advance.

For enquiries about arranging a seminar to meet your needs, please contact me ,

I look forward to hearing from you :)

My Reiki Background

In my early twenties I started looking at different healing modes. Starting out on a path of self discovery I looked inside and out for

my own special purpose in life.In 1990, when I attended a 1st degree Reiki seminar (which just happened to be on my birthday) I decided that I would one day be a Reiki Master. It was obvious to me that from that day on Reiki would be an important part of the rest of my life. And so it has been.

Hawayo Takata (the first female Reiki Master, and the person who brought Reiki from Japan to the western world) wrote:

“I believe there exists One Supreme Being – the Absolute Infinite – a Dynamic Force that governs the world and universe ....... Different teachers and masters call (Him) the Great Spirit; the Universal Life force; Life Energy....... I shall call it “Reiki” because I studied under that expression.” (Quoted from her early diary, published in the Reiki Alliance booklet).

I constantly find myself in deep gratitude for the gift that Reiki has been in my life. It has opened my eyes, my heart and my mind to experiencing new levels of being, living and loving, and I feel deeply privileged to be in a position to now be offering the Reiki experience to you.

I leave you with the Meiji Emperor's Five Principles for Healthy Living that Mikeo Usui adopted in his life and promoted to his students as the way to achieve the great happiness and tranquility of the sages:

  1. Don't get angry today

  2. Don't worry today

  3. Be grateful today

  4. Work hard today (meditative practice)

  5. Be kind to others today

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