The Radiant Wellness Healing Room

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Reiki, Personal and Business Astrology, Lunar Cycle Fertility Reports and L.I.F.E System Biofeedback Healing in Massey

Located in West Auckland, the primary intention of all services and products that I offer is to catalyze the shift from wherever you are now to a brighter, lighter, more pain-free and joy-filled state of being you!

With over 40 years of Astrological (studies, teaching, and professional consultation), and 30 years working with Reiki, (including Reiki Master/Teacher training in 1995), I offer my services to the community knowing that the questions: Who Am I, What's happening in my life, what about relationships, money, travel, relocation.... all questions we are very interested in, especially in these years of handling Covid 19 wherever we go in the world. Such questions can often be quite important to us, in fact so important that we experience stress in a way that interferes with ease in our lives. Reiki is a wonderful way to have a session that is de-stressing, helps relieve physical, mental and emotional stress and strain.

While I am offering these three above-mentioned services now, my background has had a foundation of many different studies of wellness, including such modalities as Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Pressure Point systems, Herbology, Flower Essences, Astrology, Avatar (life-transforming belief management courses) meditation practices etc, my attitude has always been that everyone has their own starting place where they can handle making changes and adopting new attitudes. Sometimes it's through the body therapies, other times it could be the mind, and at others through the spiritual aspect of the self.

Often people don't know where to start at all, they just know that something needs to change... Astrology, Reiki and the L.I.F.E. System sessions are wonderful ways for you to start to start exploring.


Sherryll Gates

The Radiant Wellness Healing Room was created 2011, originally in Whitianga, was operating in Titirangi for 4 years, and is now situated in Massey, West Auckland.


What people have said:

"I can recommend either as a treatment for an ailment, or simply a treat for yourself. Sherryll is professional, kind and always a pleasure to visit! Louise"

"Total bliss! I'd highly recommend Sherryll... Her hands seem to know where the sore spots are.

I've always felt very comfortable and trust Sherryll with managing my soreness that stems from Fibromyalgia, she's very intuitive! Wendy"

"I’ve been using the PTSD Intervention system for over a month since Sherryll introduced me to it. It has consistently defused feelings of angst, apprehension, anxiety or concern that I’ve had at the time. I think it is likely to reduce the ongoing negative influence of past trauma on daily life – particularly for anyone who has not accessed other forms of remedial therapy already – and am happy to recommend Sherryll’s healing skill and ability to teach the technique." Dennis Frank

" Following a bout of bronchitis Sherryll offered a L.I.F.E system session for me. The results were phenomenal. The system, along with Sherryll's skillful guidance as to where to place my attention during the process, lead to fantastic and immediate results. I had been have great difficulty breathing over the past two weeks and half way through the session this eased considerably. Also an accompanying dizziness was addressed, and after a good nights sleep I awoke the next morning feeling significantly better. " Michael Henderson

"After my Reiki session with Sherryll I feel like I am walking on cloud nine, kept going for 2-3 days. I still had stresses and daily challenges, but I just cruised through it all, it was though I was shedding off my baggage, calm and serene. People were asking me was something wrong, because I was so much calmer in dealing with things". Juliana