L.I.F.E. System

Reduce your Stress and Anxiety with this Biofeedback \ Frequency System

Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Tension - L.I.F.E. biofeedback system

Reducing stress, anxiety and pain can come from exploring what lies behind the obvious challenge that we are focusing on, leading to a huge sense of relief and lightening up of our whole selves as we go exploring with the L.I.F.E. (Living Information Forms Energy) System.

Some of the comments that have come from clients, following their sessions, are:

    • "I feel lighter... hard to explain!"

    • "The discomfort I was feeling has reduced"

    • "I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders"

    • "I wasn't handling things in my life so well... and now i feel like I can tackle some of those issues I was facing with a bit more confidence"

    • "I feel more empowered to take charge of my life"

    • "I have got more done in this last week than I did in the month or so before"

These comments have come in some cases immediately after the session, but also in the following days and weeks. Our lives are complex... we all know this.... none of us are just the physical issue we are experiencing.... or the conflict we are dealing with, etc. This session is an opportunity to address specific issues in any area of our life... and also discover some of the other imbalances that are happening in all areas of our life at the same time as the one we are focusing on.... and receive some rebalancing frequencies that support all aspects of our life being more in balance and this contributes to a general improvement in our overall sense of well-being.

Meet The L.I.F.E. System Biofeedback Device

This is a computer based frequency biofeedback system. It identifies the stresses on the body at the electro-magnetic level. Then, through biofeedback it provides data in the form of recommended re-balancing solutions, addressing all aspects of well-being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. How does it work? Here is the data sheet.

As you know, stresses in life come in many different ways and just as there are many different therapies to help us address them. This amazing program has 37 different modules to such as the acupuncture/meridians, Allergies, Colour/chakra, Detox, Homeopathy, Iridology, Emotional, Vitamin/Mineral, Sports/Injury, Dental, Circulatory/Heart, Gems, Hormones .... being just a few of the options available, to assist us to firstly identify what it is we are experiencing as a stress to our system, and then delivering re-balancing frequencies back to you. It is important to understand that this is not a process of diagnosis or treatment for any illness or disease.... that is something only qualified medical practitioners can do. This process does not replace the role of your professional health practitioner. What it can do however is assist with the reducing of stress you experience mentally, emotionally and physically when experiencing identified and even unidentified health issues. This is a session that takes approx 1.5 hours where you sit in a comfortable chair where frequency sensors are connected to your wrists, ankles and across the forehead in a comfortable way, or for those who have pacemakers or who cannot be present there is an option that can be discussed. Assisting you achieve Muscle Relaxation, Reduction of stress, and support for preventative healthcare are known benefits. There is a special blanket that a baby or small pet can sit on as an alternative to using the harnesses, or can be laid in the lap of someone where the harnesses are not practical. The Combined Program for dealing with Stress, Muscular and Emotional/Mental Tension: While a single session has been know to be helpful, I encourage all clients to consider a program which can consist of: a series of L.I.F.E. System sessions, allowing the progression from one level of progress to the next.a series of sessions that starts with and is based on the L.I.F.E. System session, but includes dedicated sessions of Massage, Astrology and Reiki, the order of which is decided with the client as the program progresses from that first session. This allows for a comprehensive holistic approach, and is a fabulous multifaceted exploration of your self. More feedback:

......“During a recent L.I.F.E. System session the issue of timidity came up in the *Dimensional profile, suggesting a past life in which I had been a scribe. The “timid scribe” identity was successfully re-balanced in that session and I thought nothing more of it.

It just so happens that over the last couple of years I have been writing. To begin with it was a single story for one of my grandchildren) however over time this writing has evolved into the makings of a book. This whole process has excited and frightened me at the same time as I was not very confident that my writing was worth publishing and was very hesitant about putting it forward to be critiqued.

The day after that LIFE System session I attended the first day of a creative writer’s workshop. It was not until the evening following that day that I realized that any and all hesitation with regard to my writing had COMPLETELY disappeared!

There was nothing in the workshop that could have brought about such a radical change in my attitude to my writing so I can only put the change down to the LIFE System session. That change remains profound and lasting.

A great outcome and so timely. Maria Hooker, November 2014 Hamilton

*Editors notes - The Dimensional profile is one of the 35 modules in the L.I.F.E. System.

*****Book the first 3 L.I.F.E. System 1.5 hour sessions (usually $120 each session) and pay only $100 per session.

....if you think there could be something here for you, please give me a call, and I will be happy to talk with you about how the system could contribute to you feeling a more healthy and joyful you!

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How the L.I.F.E. biofeedback system works

L.I.F.E. System – Technical Information

The measurement made by the L.I.F.E. System is based upon the relationship between “action & reaction” by applying a challenge to the patient (“action”) and measuring the reaction of the human body (or horse) as it answers the challenge (“reaction”).

The basic principle of the mode of action of the L.I.F.E. System device is the following: The L.I.F.E. System device sends a square wave signal with amplitude of 5 Volt, and a duty cycle of 50% to the harness. The frequency to be applied, for determination of our test, is about 47.3 kHz. The measurement current through the body is limited to a maximum of 10mA, but usually no more than 5mA or less.

Figure 1 shows the applied signal, without the harness being in contact with the human body.

Figure 1: Square wave signal with no harness in contact with the human (or horse) body

When the harness is in contact with the body, a significant change (deformation) of the signal can be detected. Figure 2 shows the respective signals (but on a different time scale to underline the changes)

Figure 2: Superimposition of the signal without harness being applied to the body (red signal) and with electrodes being applied to the human body (blue signal).

As can be seen from the superimposition of the signals, there is a significant difference in the shapes of the signals. The detection of the signal is realized by the L.I.F.E. System device in a binary way – the part of the signal being placed in the upper half of the square wave signal is detected, the lower part of the square wave signal is ignored. Therefore, the different shapes of the signals (electrodes applied to a patient and no electrodes applied to the patient) result in time differences ΔT1 and ΔT2 before half of the amplitude is passed. These time differences resulting from the different shapes of the signals are detected by the L.I.F.E. System device.

When applying the same methodology to a patient suffering from a particular imbalance, again a signal will be detected. But as the situation in the body of the patient is different due to the imbalance, the shape of the signal to be detected is different, and it can be seen that this signal is less steep in the case of imbalance. This difference in signal shapes results in other time differences Δt1 and Δt2, which are characteristic for a particular imbalance.

Figure 3 shows the signal obtained in the case of such an imbalance

Figure 3: Superimpositining of the Signal obtained from a patient suffering from a particular imbalance (blue signal) and the signal obtained when harness is not applied to the human body (red signal)

However, it must be pointed out that the results obtained by the L.I.F.E. System device can only give hints to physical states in which the presence of a particular imbalance is likely. The final diagnosis must be confirmed by other methodologies such as X-ray or MRI in any case.

The basic principle of the L.I.F.E. System device is to measure these time differences of the respective signals and to achieve a statistical evaluation based on a mathematical algorithm. The results obtained are compared with data which are archived in a data base.

Figure 4: Basic work flow for the evaluation of data obtained

The mathematical calculation algorithm takes input information on the one hand, which is stored in the Element database, and on the other hand the digitized measurement data, belonging to the element. After quantifying the values, artefacts (like disturbances caused by EMC, movements, etc.) are removed. The cleaned data is sampled and after that, the correlation is calculated, leading to the desired reactivity value, providing the results of reactivity testing, relative to the given element.

It can be claimed that when the situation inside the human body is disturbed due to a particular imbalance, the physical situation will become different. Any abnormal condition can be considered as a kind of imbalance, it can be easily seen that the temperature inside the area of interest is different. As a consequence, the shape of the signal that is detected will differ from the one measured in a non-conditional situation. The differences can be measured easily by detecting the time difference, as described above, and those time differences are characteristic for the respective situations. Evidence that they can be measured and detected was given by the outcome of the clinical investigation.

2. Literature describing the effectiveness of the L.I.F.E. System device

Literature in peer reviewed journals describing the mode of action and effectiveness of the L.I.F.E. System was not available prior to the development of the L.I.F.E. System. Consequently, a clinical investigation giving evidence to the effectiveness was undertaken in 2006. The complete documentation and the results have already been submitted to and approved for European Class 2-A Certification.

How the Test Measurements are Made:

Information exchange is available via the harness system attached to the forehead, ankles and wrists of the human body, or by neck harness for a horse. The harnesses are made of special conductive silicone, which allows for very low- current electrical communication through the computer's USB port and a multi-functional interface box.


The L.I.F.E. system is the only device of its kind that has achieved the TUV certification of assurance.

The L.I.F.E. System is an advanced electro-physiological Biofeedback device, designed to aide in the reduction of stress and muscle relaxation. It has been CE certified and registered throughout the European Union as a Class 2A Medical instrument. In addition, the L.I.F.E. System has been registered in The United States, Australia, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. Rigorous testing, double-blind studies and subsequent approval by TUV Germany is your guarantee of quality and efficacy.

European Quality Management and Declaration of Conformity certificates are held on file with BIREGS GmbH, Germany

For any further information and enquiries contact Sherryll Gates.