PTSD & Trauma Coaching

Neurokinesis - Finding relief from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Memories

Break free from those crippling memories that have prevented you from living the live you desire of well-being, of thriving and being happy and successful in your life.

This Neurokinesis Intervention technique has been proven to get results by changing the brain's response in the current moment. This can lead to relief from the symptoms of painful memories that have stopped you from getting on with your life.


..........."I’ve been using the Neurokinesis Intervention for over a month since Sherryll introduced me to it. It has consistently defused feelings of angst, apprehension, anxiety or concern that I’ve had at the time. I think it is likely to reduce the ongoing negative influence of past trauma on daily life – particularly for anyone who has not accessed other forms of remedial therapy already – and am happy to recommend Sherryll’s healing skill and ability to teach the technique." Dennis Frank

........."The Neurokinesis techniques Sherryll taught me have given me a powerful tool to release deeply ingrained anxiety and stress patterns at the instant they come up. I have habitually taken things too seriously and worried too much. This technique frees me from stressful feelings that come from the way I have viewed events, and allow the smile of my unlimited self to return. Thanks Sherryll! Tejas


    • Using an intervention technique that you can easily learn to use any time you feel the stress/anxiety/painful memory surge you will immediately start reducing the pain, turmoil and fear of triggered memories overwhelming your current situation.

    • Less "fight, fight or freeze" reactions to what is happening in the NOW

    • A greater sense of having choice and response-ability in your life

    • Feeling that you can be strong and in the driver's seat of your life

There are many people who have experienced traumas, or who are "first responders" in the community, e.g. firemen, ambulance crew, police, etc, who end up experiencing PTSD. This is called Primary PTSD. It is known that the Primary PTSD person in turn impacts their partner creating Secondary PTSD for both of them, and then your have two people impacting children who get Floating PTSD. Then those children grow up and end up with Complex PTSD. The Neurokinesis to assist families, where all members of the family learn the technique and can be supported as a unit as well as individuals.


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