Meet the Magic Formula of Aloe Vera and 9 Sea Vegetables

It is common knowledge that the soils in which much our fruit and vegetables are grown are becoming more and more depleted. The question is how do we go about getting the BEST form of minerals and other essential nutrients to? Of course we can search out the best sources of food available to us, and that of of course varies depending where we live and what is available to us. Meanwhile, no matter how organic or chemical free our best local produce can be, there are simply nutrients that will never be found from those best organic gardens.

Research has shown that organic, plant sourced phytonutrients that come to us in a liquid form, where there has been minimum processing and maximum care taken to keep the integrity of the plants that have been harvested from the most mineral rich and cleanest of environments is the way to go.

My good friend Manfred, an biodynamic gardener of 15 years, tells an interesting story about how he was shocked to discover after having the best of organic foods that he was in fact deficient in minerals, in some case some of those essential micro-minerals were totally missing! Check out his story - he discovered the two most important supplements anyone could have (one being cashflow)! (And if you have just watched the video clip of his story, you will want to know that the Body Balance® discussed below is the product that he discovered.)You need to find such products that can help transform your life, and here is a good place to start!

The products created by Life Force International are awesome, and their flagship product, BodyBalance®, has now been on the market for over 25 years. On the Life Force website, choose the NZ page from the top right hand corner of the home page. What is Body Balance®? Hear about it from Jerry and Wayne Hillman,the creators of the Body Balance® liquid superfood that meets all the above suggested criteria, has a totally delightful taste (so far as I am concerned, and there are thousands of people would agree with me there!) and brings instant nutrition to the most ailing of bodies.

Key Ingredients

  • Aloe vera - Liquid

  • Bladder Wrack

  • Brown Sea Vegetables

  • Dabber Locks

  • Dulse

  • Gigartina Camissoi

  • Green Sea Vegetables

  • Honey

  • Irish Moss

  • Kombu

  • Nori

  • Norwegian Kelp

  • Red Sea Vegetables

  • Sea Lettuce

What People Have Said:

I am raising a family of three children, including twins and one with a hereditary blood disorder (spherosytosis). She requires some special attention of her own, and this creates stresses of daily routine. I was also battling a few personal issues. Life in general was getting me down. I was suffering from adrenal burn out, and was certainly on my way to chronic fatigue. Each day at about 11am I would hit a flat point- no more energy, no more stamina, and the same at about 3pm - "three thirty-itis" as its called, a nap was calling, but as any mother knows, this was not a reality. Early nights were a necessity, and after 8 months of illness, chickenpox, flu, viruses, gastro, ect., I'd hit an all time low. Not sure what came first but my hormone levels were now very imbalanced I was also suffering with headaches, digestion problems, anxiety and eczema for the time since childhood. "After taking Body Balance®, I felt instantly more energized and happier. By the third day my sleep had improved tremendously, my head felt clear almost as though I'd been existing under a cloud of fog and it had lifted. On the same day I also found that my eczema that had been giving me on-going grief was all but gone! Now I don't have flat times in my day, no more headaches, no more tired days or early nights regardless of interrupted sleep, no more digestion or hormonal issues - I feel great. "My partner Andrew also has spherosytosis and suffers with irritable bowel syndrome. He's always wrestled with low energy/ mood and many digestion issues such as abdominal pains, bloating etc. Since being on Body Balance® his energy has improved greatly, no longer running to the toilet after a 'less than perfect meal choice' no more abdominal pains, he feels happier and full of energy. On Body Balance®, afternoon naps and lazy days are a thing of the past.

"Our daughter Alison inherited spherosytosis. She lacks energy in most activities and has always been mildly anemic despite diet and other recommended supplements. Carrying her was factored into our everyday lives especially since our eldest daughter's school rests on the top of a hill! Since being on Body Balance®, Ali's energy levels and her appearance improved dramatically, now she is able to race her sisters up the hill. What a turn around! Her latest blood results came back near normal for the first time ever,. I was in shock - I didn't think I would ever see her blood levels so high. It was miraculous.

"All my children have benefited greatly from Body Balance®. They are all feeling energized, are happier and best of all, much healthier. Body Balance was the missing piece of the puzzle. I could not be more grateful that a product such as this exists!

Robyn Chant, Melbourne, Australia (quoted from the Organic Living Newsletter July 12, published by NZ's Life Force Australasia team.)

Products can be ordered through the Life force International website, or via the New Zealand freecalling number for the Australasian Office is 0800 44 59 67 0800 44 59 11am - 7pm NZT.

My Life Force Independent Distributor ID is #20695492, in the name of Sherryll Gates. If you would like to ask my any questions about any of the products or I can be of assistance in any way please contact me and I be happy to help in any way I can.

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