Astrology - Something For the Mind and Soul

Restoring rhythms of well-being and soul-centered alignment in our lives through the dynamic art of Astrology.

Astrology is the observation of the relationship of the sun, moon and the planets at the time of a birth or event, exploring
how all this influences a person or situation at any given time.

So.. the big questions: “who am I” and “what is my soul purpose”, “what are my talents”, and…. what on earth is going on in the stars for me right now??!! ” are often the ones asked of an astrological chart session. This is the ‘user’s guide’ that we are born with.

There are a number of different astrology consultations available, as listed below, from a one hour recorded session $90, to the full 2 hour session with printed reports $175.00 (there is at least 1 hours preparation for the session before your arrive).

Services offered: (35+ years experience)

1. The Comprehensive Birth Chart: This is a 2 hour session where all printed material is prepared in advance, and is taped. Your birth chart is a map of our solar system, captured in time and space, at the moment of your birth. We look at this chart to find a deeper understanding of you, your patterns of behavior, style of being who you are, how you relate to others, pursue your goals, express your creativity, and much more. We can also look at the Transits - how the planets in the sky at any moment of time are impacting on your birth chart, triggering new experiences ... joy, grief, happiness, frustration, success, challenges... our life's journey. This session starts with a comprehensive look at your birth chart, timing cycles and current patterns and looks to see what patterns are playing out over the next twelve months. Included in this package are written reports: Natal report, 1 year Transit report, Cycles of Planning Success report.  $185

2. 1 hour session: This taped session can be used to look at the birth chart in whatever way the client needs.  $90

3. Cycles of Success: A look at the two year cycle of planning and projects, choosing right timing according to your Astrology chart cycles  $90
4. Where in the World? This session looks at your Astro-Cartography chart – your natal chart is placed onto a world map, and looks at the changing influences as you move from place to place. Reports can be printed for specific locations (usually 2-3 pages). $90 per hour, and $5 per printed location report.

5. Solar Return Chart: Done every birthday, this is the chart which looks at the moment the Sun returns to the exact location it was at when you were born. It can be used to understand the special focus for the year ahead with each birthday. Includes looking at all other astrological influences for that period (an accurate birth time is required for this.  $90

6. Family/Group Patterns: Looking at the relationships between 2 or more charts to understand how people get on together. 1 hour taped session.  $150

Computer Generated Reports:

The computer generated astrology reports offered here are prepared by professional astrologers, and, while they are not intended to be a replacement for a professional astrological consultation, will offer a substantial introduction to the concepts of astrology and an insight into the potential of your birth chart.

The Birth Chart Report: is an approx 20 page report that gives a general introduction to the concepts of modern astrology, and then looks into the following topics for your birth chart: Life Goals, Home, Education and Communication, Relationships, Motivation, Career, Creativity and Originality, Challenges in Life, Purpose and Joy. $35

Zodiac Child Report: The Astrology report designed especially for Children. This report is intended to act as a guide for parents and mentors of children. The report averages 14 pages and has been divided into these sections: Family & Friends, Talents and Schooling, Goals, Childhood Journey and Conclusion. It includes easy-to-understand text and beautiful colour graphics. This report is very sensitive to the vulnerability of parents and caregivers around their children, and expertly gives a sensitively worded presentation of the child’s unfolding potential. $35

The Four Humors Report: This is an approximately 10 page report. This unique report is an introduction to the 15/16th century astrologer's view of the health aspect of the birth chart. It has an informative introduction to the subject before analyzing the chart and commenting on it. It focuses on your body type, and the type of exercise and diet that is appropriate for you, as well as the classical forms of health vulnerability that your body type may experience. $15 (or $10 when ordered with any other report or with natal chart session.)

The Transit and Progressions Report:
Through the Transit reports the cycles and influences of the planets in the sky as they contact different points of your birth chart are revealed, assisting you to understand what is happening at any one time, and make sense of the events that are happening in your life. The "progressed" part of the report is a comment on the evolved nature of your birth chart. Nothing stands still, and your birth chart is no exception. It "grows" with you and the progressed chart contacts will reflect that growth.  $35 for 1 year, $45 for 2 years

The Relationship Report:
This report takes the birth information of two people and gives a brief comment on each of the individuals general style of relating, then looks at how one person's chart impacts on the other, commenting on the positive qualities and challenging aspects of the relationship, first from one person's point of view, then the other. In affect this creates two separate reports. $45

Astro*Group*Dynamics™ Report: This is an all-new premier technique of reporting the psychological dynamics in families and in any group of 4 or more people, (can be family, business, social, recreational, sporting etc). The report discusses the most likely style that this group will experience together, and what role each person plays within the group dynamic. The report is usually 4-5 pages, depending on how many people are involved (which can easily be up to 20-25 people) 4-10 people $75, 11+ people $120.

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