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Recent Testimonials
 ..........."I’ve been using the Neurokinesis hand technique for over a month since Sherryll introduced me to it. It has consistently defused feelings of angst, apprehension, anxiety or concern that I’ve had at the time. I think it is likely to reduce the ongoing negative influence of past trauma on daily life – particularly for anyone who has not accessed other forms of remedial therapy already – and am happy to recommend Sherryll’s healing skill and ability to teach the technique."

Dennis Frank (December 3rd 2016)

........."The Neurokinesis techniques Sherryll taught me have given me a powerful tool to release deeply ingrained anxiety and stress patterns at the instant they come up.  I have habitually taken things too seriously and worried too much.  This technique frees me from stressful feelings that come from the way I have viewed events, and allow the smile of my unlimited self to return.  Thanks Sherryll!
Tejas (December 5th 2016)

Whatever is the right place for you to start, the primary intention of all services and products that I offer are intended to catalyze the shift from wherever you are now to a brighter, lighter, more joy filled state of being you!

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