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Christmas Massage Special!
$65 for 1 hour,
$90 for 1.5 hours

AromaTouch Massage
Relaxing Therapeutic Massage
Life System Session

Phone now: 027 280 3414

Relaxation Massage, Reflexology/Foot Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy/AromaTouch, Anxiety/Stress management and reduction...whatever is the right place for you to start, the primary intention of all services and products that I offer is to catalyze the shift from wherever you are now to a brighter, lighter, more joy filled state of being you!

I look forward to meeting you,

"I have had many massages from Sherryll and can recommend either as a treatment for an ailment, or simply a treat for yourself. Sherryll is professional, kind and always a pleasure to visit! Louise"

This lovely caring lady is magic, her massages are fantastic, her Reiki is wonderful ,her Reiki tutorials are just fantastic, I can't thank you enough Sherryll for all you have shared with me. Love Barb"

Total bliss!  I'd highly recommend Sherryll... Her hands seem to know where the sore spots are.
I've always felt very comfortable and trust Sherryll with managing my soreness that stems from Fibromyalgia , she's very intuitive! Wendy"

"Highly recommend Sherryll she is the best massage person I have even been to.Very professional, She makes all your ache and pains go away and you feel like a new person.  Jan"

"I’ve been using the Neurokinesis Intervention for over a month since Sherryll introduced me to it. It has consistently defused feelings of angst, apprehension, anxiety or concern that I’ve had at the time. I think it is likely to reduce the ongoing negative influence of past trauma on daily life – particularly for anyone who has not accessed other forms of remedial therapy already – and am happy to recommend Sherryll’s healing skill and ability to teach the technique."  Dennis Frank