The Biozen

What is BioZen™?

BioZen™ is an innovative chip, with an extraordinary technology which is very simple to use. BioZen™ can be applied on all electrically powered devices and protects you against electrosmog, reducing the gradients of the magnetic fields to which you are subject while using your devices, and reducing your stress level. What is eSmog?

Electrosmog (or eSmog) is an informal term for an excessively high concentration of electromagnetic fields with possible adverse effects on the health of living organisms - humans, animals, plants and other animate beings, including single cells. Mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, notebooks, tablets etc.) produce eSmog and put stress on our internal biological processes.

Why are the legal limits for mobile radiation insufficient?

The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. But our organism actually uses low frequencies for internal communication. The frequencies that our cell phones emit in this range interfere with this communication – continuously. Conclusion: it is proven that the actual damage caused during the use of mobile devices takes place in this area. BioZen™ is the only technology in the world that expands its protection to include low-frequency radiation and thereby makes it easier for our bodies to tolerate in the long-term.

Why is BioZen™ recommended especially for children and adolescents?

The use of BioZen™ is generally recommended for everyone regardless of their ages. However, the brains of children and adolescents have not finished growing yet and it can be assumed that the negative effects associated with mobile radiation also have a negative impact on the human brain in the long term.

What distinguishes BioZen™ from other "health chips" for cell phones currently on the market?

Our competitors primarily aim to reduce the legally defined SAR levels. However, these SAR levels only protect our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. The BioZen™ technology is unique in expanding this protection to a biological level. This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are being formed. These low-frequency waves are the ones that can cause physical harm with the long-term use of mobile devices. In addition, all of the effects of BioZen™ are reproducible and clearly verified by expert reports – unlike those of the competition.

What kinds of negative effects can mobile devices have on an organism?Some examples of known negative effects on the human organism are: headache/migraine, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dry/burning eyes, weakening of the immune system, skin irritations, etc.

How does BioZen™ work with phone calls, for example?

Phone calls create a low-frequency electromagnetic field in the close vicinity of the cell phone. However, its levels are inconsistent: it contains gaps and peaks, the so-called gradients. Abrupt changes in the electromagnetic field irritate our bodies. Smooth progressions, on the other hand, are harmonious and easy for our bio-organism to tolerate. BioZen™ breaks these peaks down into smooth progressions that make the electromagnetic fields tolerable for our bodies.

What do thermal and athermal effects refer to?

Thermal effects need power to operate. The more intensive the mobile radiation is, the more the tissue heats up – for example your ear during phone calls. This is the only type of exposure that is regulated by the legal limits (specific absorption rate, or SAR). Athermal effects don’t need any power, but they have a direct impact on our organism. This happens in the low-frequency area, in which the human organism communicates with itself internally on a continuous basis. These limits are up to 10,000 times lower than is the case with the thermal effects. Regardless of the signal strength, our internal processes are constantly influenced. The principle of resonance applies.

What is inside the BioZen™ chip?

BioZen™ has several layers. The two exterior layers are made of plastic. The interior layers have circuits, which, when they are exposed to electromagnetic waves, smooth the emerging magnetic field gradients in the ultra-low frequency range (0–30 Hz), making them easy for our body to tolerate.

Does BioZen™ have an expiration date?

No, in theory BioZen™ lasts forever. At the moment we can say with certainty that five-year-old BioZen™ chips for mobile devices are still fully effective.

Has the effect of BioZen™ been scientifically verified?

Yes, by now the positive effect of BioZen™ has been verified by the results of numerous scientific and medical studies. The latest measurements were even monitored by BUREAU VERITAS and the results were verified and certified. You can get a good overview on this website under the category "Studies and Expert Reports".

What was the groundbreaking scientific discovery in this context?

The EU-financed European REFLEX study and the privately financed VERUM study were published in 2008. These clearly showed that the legally defined limit should depend on the frequency – but it actually does not. Because every frequency has a different effect on our bodies. This means that a reduction of the SAR levels evidently doesn’t always make sense. Another solution had to be found. This was followed by groundbreaking discoveries in the biological area which showed us which way to go: it was clear that the solution had to lie in the low-frequency range.

Does BioZen™ also work if the mobile device has a protective cover?

Yes, BioZen™ works whether you have a protective cover for your mobile device or not. What matters is that you attach (stick) BioZen™ directly to the mobile device, as close to the battery or power supply as possible.

What happens if BioZen™ is not attached correctly (as close as possible to the battery or power supply)?

Then we cannot guarantee that BioZen™ works properly. ALWAYS mount BioZen™ as close as possible to the battery.

Can the effect of BioZen™ be negatively influenced?

Yes. Do not attach any stickers in addition to BioZen™. Especially if they consist of any kind of metal (metallic colors).

How can I purchase BioZen™?

You can purchase BioZen™ packs in the Store: 10 chips (+2 for free) or 30 chips (+8 for free)

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