Relaxation Massage

Relax, de-stress, unwind! 

With 30+ years experience in a variety of different therapeutic and remedial massage styles and techniques,  combined with aromatherapy, I can offer you that professional massage experience that is tailored to be right for you.

Some of the Benefits for you:

  • Relax
  • Help calm down the mind and emotions at times of upsetting circumstances

  • Ease headache and painfully tight neck and shoulders
  • Gentle easing of painful back and hips
  • Improve circulation
  • Assist with the movement of your lymphatic system
  • Maybe dip into that sweet refreshing dream-space for a few moments!
  • Whole body massage - back, neck, head, legs, feet, hands and arms.
  • Back, neck, head, feet.
1 hour $65
1.5 hours $90

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