Reflexology - stress management and easing for the body, mind and soul!

Reflexology is the massage of your feet, and often hands too, based on the original Chinese understanding that all parts of the body have got corresponding points on the feet and hands and ears. 

Massaging those points will help to restore a healthy balance to all parts of the body and increase your overall sense of wellbeingOver the last 30 years I have learned a number of different styles of reflexology massage, and my general approach these days is to go for relaxation, working at a level that is comfortable for you.

Sometimes the feet are just plain sore and tired as a result of your spending a lot of your day standing or walking around, and the shoes you are wearing as well as the surfaces you have underfoot are not the most conducive conditions for Happy Feet!

Your session will be based on what it is that is right for you - and you have the options of reclining back in the lazyboy chair or lying down on the massage table.  Your comfort is the priority!

Your Reflexology session will include working on the feet up to the knees, and if you chose to have your hands done, hands up to the elbows, all pressure point work or massage with oil that include beautiful essential oils.

Sessions Available:

½ hour $45       1 hour $65

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