Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 

A process that works best directly on the skin, Lymphatic Drainage therapy helps to mobilize and clear those stagnant fluids from the body’s “sewerage system”. This 1-1.5 hour session is designed to assist in the clearing of toxins from all areas of the body (eg, muscles, joints, injury sites, the abdomen generally, swelling of legs and hands) etc.

Some of the benefits that have been experienced include assistance in recovery from: injuries and blocked sinuses, easing of rheumatism and arthritic pain, clearing the lung zone, follow up to dental work, and many other situations. Because this is a gentle process that triggers the “relax and heal” aspect of the nervous system, it is a very relaxing and de-stressing session. There are, as with any therapy, certain contraindications, but generally most people will benefit from this process.

A Lymphatic Drainage session that focuses on face, scalp, neck and shoulders takes approx 3/4 hour and is delightful! The average lymphatic drainage session though would normally be 2 hours, or 1.5 hours at a minimum, depending on individual circumstances, and how much fluid is needing to be moved.

Sessions Available:

½ hour $50; 1 hour $90; 1½ hour $120  2 hour $140

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