Discover your Most Fertile Time for Conception based on your personal Lunar Cycle

You may or may not have heard about how fertile times in an ovulation cycle can be established based on the relationship between the Sun and the Moon at the time you were born.  I work this exact relationship out from a person’s Birthdate, Place and Time.

Working with this information can help you:
  • identify a time conceive a child when other systems are not working
  • pick a time when you are trying to specifically select the male/female gender of the child
  • avoid an unwanted pregnancy
The relationship between the Sun and Moon at the time a woman was born has been shown to be the natural indicator for the most fertile time for conception each month for that woman.  This fertile time does not automatically coincide with her current obvious ovulation cycle.... indeed, it can have quite a different timing - there are many women who have been caught out with a pregnancy that was not conceived at her expected ovulation time.

In a woman's life there are many different things that can cause her menstrual cycle to have got out of sync with this exact time of the month.   There are many reasons why that might have happened, some of them being:
  • An illness or accident that has disturbed the natural cycle, causing it to be delayed or even halted for periods of time
  • When living with other women - it can happen that any or all women will end up having their period at the same time as  the dominant woman's cycle
  • Using a contraception that has interrupted that original ovulation cycle - sometimes by design even to shift a blood-flow time away from a specific event time, or the depo provera injection that stops periods from coming at all for sometimes months or years
  • Stress!  Stress has been know to inhibit the natural menstrual cycle, throwing it into patchy unreliable periods and cycles
  • Diet - malnutrition - although having said that it can be one part of health that works just fine under such conditions, as we see happening around the the world
While there is no guarantee that ANY system will produce a healthy baby or a specific gender, this Lunar cycle system has been used successfully by many grateful women, and often best when combined with a plan that involves healthy living, including diet and exercise and relaxation.   Because any woman who has arrived here has probably had a certain level of stress around making these types of decisions, I also recommend an appoint for a session to learn a technique that will help manage the stress.  This can be booked at the same time that the report is ordered.

By successful I mean not only in achieving that successful pregnancy, but also by deliberately not having a pregnancy.  There are times when a woman is unable to use or doesn't have access to contraception, or perhaps a pregnancy would be life threatening.
In this case you can deliberately AVOID having sex during the times indicated in the Lunar Cycle Fertility Report, as well as avoiding the apparent ovulation cycle - bearing in mind that as mentioned above, the two cycles do not automatically coincide.

The Lunar Cycle Fertility Report

This is a chart of dates and times of the exact time the Sun and the Moon in the sky are at the exact same relationship that they had at the time you were born.  To order a report you will need to provide me with the Date, Place and Time of birth.

There are several different report options:
  1. A one year simple list of the exact dates and times for the location (Country/city/town) that you nominate
  2. A two year simple list of the exact dates and times for the location (Country/city/town) that you nominate
  3. A one year list same as above, but includes the times relevant for selecting MALE or FEMALE gender
  4. A one year list same as above, but includes the times relevant for selecting MALE or FEMALE gender