ationWith over 35 years of working in the wellness industry through such healing modes as Massage, Aromatherapy,  Reflexology, Reiki, Pressure Point systems, Herbology, Flower Essences, Astrology, Avatar (life-transforming belief management courses) meditation practices etc, my attitude has always been that everyone has their own starting place where they can handle making changes and adopting new attitudes. Sometimes it's through the body therapies, other times it could be the mind, and at others through the spiritual aspect of the self.

Often people don't know where to start at all, they just know that something needs to change... and that is where I come in, with my smorgasbord of different approaches - one of them with be just the thing for you! Our whole intention is for you to come in, receive some healing time... whether that is the Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, Astrology, wellness support through the LIFE biofeedback System, PTSD Coaching, or one of the other therapies available.
Sherryll Gates

PS.... Please note that I also have the website: Healthy Horses which is dedicated to the wellness of horses, and Healing CatsnDogs healing and communication with your furry companion .

Life Transformation Company Limited, trading as:

The Radiant Wellness Healing Room was created 2011, originally in Whitianga, was operating in Titirangi for nearly 4 years, and is now situated in Massey, West Auckland.